The Follower

When her plane crashes in the woods, singer Chelsea Angel is pulled to safety by another survivor. But when her rescuer turns out to be a sinister, crazed fan, Chelsea must find a way to escape.

The Follower

Carol asks David Baker, a young YouTuber, to help her investigate the supernatural and haunting occurrences that she’s been facing at home.

Despicable Me 2

When Gru, the world's most super-bad turned super-dad has been recruited by a team of officials to stop lethal muscle and a host of Gru's own, He has to fight back with new gadgetry, cars, and more minion madness.

Ms. Matched

Libby Boland is a wedding planner who designs romantic fairy tale weddings for her clients. The irony is that she has no such romance in her own life… until she falls for Ben Reynolds, an author of a wedding book.

Never Been Kissed

Josie Gellar is a Chicago Sun Times copy editor who was desperate to graduate from perfectionist copy editor to reporter. She was tasked to cover the high-school scene by undercover.